How gym operators and studio owners are cutting $50k+ in annual overhead in just 1 month

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Reduce busy work

Assist instructors

Easily manage sub schedules

As gyms/studios reopen after being impacted by COVID-19, we make sub communication seamless and reliable for everyone involved.

  • Unified sub board and sub schedule, simplifying the entire process
  • Reduce time spent managing sub communication
  • Insights into ALL sub communication
  • Quick access to contact info of the team
  • Receive automated sub reminders prior to class
  • Improve member and staff experiences

Available on-the-go and at all times!

NetGym can be accessed through web, mobile-web, or our native iOS and Android mobile applications allowing for quick access anytime and anywhere!

Scheduling Partners:

  • We offer the most options when it comes to integrating with your scheduling system. Period.
  • Get the most out of MINDBODY, ABC, MarianaTek, or your proprietary scheduling system with our out of the box integrations that allow you to easily swap instructors of the class when there’s a sub.

Easy, Simple Plans

All Plans include a 21 day free trial


per location per month

Basic Plan

  • Sub Board
  • Staff Directory
  • Sub Schedule
  • Insights


per location per month

Pro Plan*Basic plus the following:

  • Unlimited Text Notifications
  • Announcements
  • Sub Request Restrictions

Custom Pricing

Premium Plan*Pro plus the following:

  • Integrated scheduling
  • Custom Reporting
  • Custom Sub Policies and Restrictions
Have more than 1 location? No worries, ask about our discounts!

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