Automate Sub Scheduling and Streamline Teacher Communication

NetGym is a web and mobile application that enables studios and health clubs to automate their sub scheduling and streamlines staff communication.

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24x7 Access

Reduce busy work

Assist instructors

Easily manage sub schedules

As gyms/studios reopen after being impacted by COVID-19, we make sub communication seamless and reliable for everyone involved.

  • Unified sub board and sub schedule, simplifying the entire process
  • Reduce time spent managing sub communication
  • Insights into ALL sub communication
  • Quick access to contact info of the team
  • Receive automated sub reminders prior to class
  • Improve member and staff experiences

Available on-the-go and at all times!

NetGym can be accessed through web, mobile-web, or our native iOS and Android mobile applications allowing for quick access anytime and anywhere!

Integration Goals
  • Integrate seamlessly and easily with your MarianaTek account
  • Reduce time spent managing the sub process/scheduling
  • Ensure accuracy in schedule updates
  • Automate sub communication for studios
  • Easily swap instructors of the class when there’s a sub
  • Improve the overall experience for all staff and management
  • Provides members more real-time information on who is subbing classes

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National Group Fitness Director

Zuta G.

Regional Group Fitness Director

Shannon G

Regional Group Fitness Manager & Coordinator

Bryan J

Group Fitness Manager

Chris G

Fitness Instructor

Kayla D.

Studio Manager

Bill M.

Fitness Manager


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